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mom and her boys #4

She thought about what to wear that morning and the only thing she could come up with was a black cupless bra and a black thong. She also made sure she had her high heels on cause she knew her boys loved that. She goes to the kitchen and starts making breakfast and wonders what the day is going to bring. Then she had an ideal that would make things a little more interesting. Soon the boys were in the kitchen watching there mom cook. As she made breakfast they could not help looking at her big tits bouncing around at her every move. She place there breakfasts in front of them and sat down at the table. She looked at both of them and said. "ok boys we are going to try something a little different today."
Jon looked at her with a puzzled look and said "whats going to happen mom?"
She says "you both are going to flip a coin and only one of you will play with mommy today and the other will play tommorow."
Jack says "is this hows its going to be from now on or just the next 2 days?"
"well I think we should try this every now and then and see if it works for us."
Both boys agreed and pulled out a coin to flip. She grabs the coin and says "who is who?"
Jon calls heads right away so she throws it in the air and it lands on tails. "Jack its me and you today. What would you like to do?"
Jack looks at her and says "how about we go for a walk or something like that?"
She says " ok hun "
Jon says "what am I suppose to do today mom?"
She looks at him and says "Well I don't know but you will have to wait your turn and just hang out or something. try to fill your time today cause its me and you all day tomorow."
He just shook his head in approval and she looked at Jack and says "when do you want to go?"
He says "how about right now."
She knew they lived miles from anything or anybody and they could walk down the dirt road or along the field and not have anything to worry about. As she step out in the nice warm breeze she took off her bra and layed it down on the steps next to the door. Jack looks at her and says "mom what are you doing?"
She says "I just want my tits to be free while we walk."
As she walked down the road she could tell that her son was kinda lagging behind and she could only guess that he wanted to watch her ass while she walk. "do you like the view from back there?"
He says "yes mom just keep walking." So she kept on walking and after a while she notice that they were very far from the house. She sees a nice little hill with some nice grass so she makes her way there. As she got to the nice grassy hill she stood still as her son would catch up to her. She kinda bent down a little bit just enough to stick her nice ass out there. She look at her son and says "Come play with my ass hun."
He doesn't hesitate and just stands behind her and starts to rub her ass cheeks. Squeezing and rubbing she tells him to spank her a little. He starts to litely spank her nice round ass and he watches as her ass jiggles at every spank. SMACK and every time she gets wetter and wetter. She looks back and says "you like spanking mommy?"
He nods his head and continues playing with her ass cheeks. He spanks her a little more and she says "yeah baby spank me like a dirty slut." Her pussy is soaking wet and she starts rubbing her clit while he is playing with her ass. He starts to finger her asshole and she loves it. He says "mommy I wanna fuck your asshole." She immediatly dropped on all fours and says "give me your cock baby, fuck my ass!" He pulls out his nice little cock and movers her thong out of the way and starts to insert his young cock in her asshole. 
All she says is "ooohhh yeah"
He is all the way in her and starts to grab her hips and fucks her nice and hard. Her tits are swaying back and forth from every hit on her ass. her breathing gets heavier as she rubs her pussy with one hand. "oh yeah baby fuck mommy's ass"
as he pumps on her. He says "mommy I am close to cumming."
She says "where do you want to cum?"
"in your mouth" he says.
She couldn't believe he wanted her to suck his cock right after he fucks her asshole. She says "I must be a dirty slut to suck your cock after you were in my ass."
He says "mom I am ready"
She quickly turns around and sticks his cock in her mouth and bobs up and down on it. He starts to moan loader and loader as the first squirt comes out. She leaves her mouth open and jacks his cock off on her tongue. Squirt after squirt he cums a big load. After he is done she just pulls her tongue in and swallows. She says "mmm you taste so good son. I love eating your cum." She stood up and says "lets go back to the house hun."
So they start walking back and this time he is right beside her. During the walk back home she was wondering what they were going to do next. She look at her son and says "what would you like to do now son?"
"I am not sure mom but I will think of something. Maybe I will just play with your big tits. I love playing with them."
She asks "can mommy play with her pussy while you play with my tits?"
He just nods his head to let her know she can. The get to the deck in the back of the house and she tells him to stay there. She walks in the house and sees her other son just watching TV and she asks "are you ok today?"
He says "yeah I am ok, just waiting for tommorow."
She runs into her room and grabs the first dildo she could find and goes back out to the deck. She sits down on a lawn chair and spreads her legs wide open. Her son steps inbetween her legs and starts to play with her big tits. Her pussy was already wet so she rubbed her dildo all around her pussy getting ready to fuck herself. She starts to insert the big dildo and lets out a big sigh. She slowly works her pusssy while her son pinches her nipples and squeezes her tits together. She looks at her son and says "spank my tits baby like you spank my ass!"
So he slaps her nipple a little hard, hard enough to make her tits sway back and forth.  She says "oh yeah baby I love my tits smacked around."
She fucks herself hard with her dildo and he slaps each tit one by one. Then he pulls his cock out and inserts it inbetween her tits ans squeezes them together so he can fuck them. while she is fucking her self hard and fast he is holding both of her big tits together and pumping on her chest with his cock. She begins to cum and rams the dildo in faster and harder screaming while her sons is getting closer to cumming. She starts moaning and screaming when he squirts a big load all over her neck and chest. She pulls out the dildo from her pusssy and rubs it on her cum covered tits to get some cum on it and then starts to suck the dildo. She looks at her son and says "You boys really like my tits don't you ?"
he says "yes mommy I love your tits."
As the day went on she would suck and play with her sons cock and he would cum all over her body. She was his fuck toy on this day and she loved having some one on one time with each boy. She didn't know what was in store for her tommorow but she was excited. She knew her other son has been thinking about what to do with her all day and she didn't want to dissappoint. 
To be continued.......